Our mission and what we do

After Peter passed away in August 2014, WCT’s mission has been to sustain and co-operate with individuals and organisations that implement the contour trenching technique in their approach to combat desertification and climate change.

WCT encourages further scientific validation of the approach to restoring hydrological corridors and creating sub-surface water supplies, as previously achieved by Peter Westerveld using the contour trenching techniques. WCT encourages organisations to employ this technique to combat desertification and climate change and supports their endeavours by providing access to know-how and past project experiences.

WCT supports the further validation and continuous development of Peter Westerveld’s vision and work.

The purpose of the Westerveld Conservation Trust is:

A      to be the legal entity responsible for protecting Peter Westerveld’s intellectual property;

B      to promote Peter Westerveld’s vision to mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change by regreening the Earth;

C      to develop a knowledge based approach that can be adopted by individuals and organisations seeking to either implement initiatives aimed at mitigating and reversing the effects of climate change or publish scientific findings through a collaborative partnership;

D      to sustain efforts to both combat long-term desertification and implement reforestation initiatives, by providing practical advice and support to individuals and organisations;

E       to create opportunities for stakeholders to contribute to the development and implementation of initiatives using Peter Westerveld’s vision and approach; and

F       to invest donations in re-greening initiatives.


Strategy and Action Plan for 2015 to 2016

WCT as the legal entity responsible for protecting Peter Westerveld’s intellectual property will continue to promote Peter Westerveld’s vision to mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change by regreening the Earth through implementing the following actions:

(A) Projects and Partnerships

·       Maintain and further develop existing relations and contacts within existing projects and continue to monitor these projects.

WCT will collaborate with “FOURElementsInvestements”, a Dutch holding company and execution partner of WCT.  The mission of “FOURElementsInvestements” is to utilise the contour trenching technique to restore an entire hydrological corridor, and drive social and economic improvement for communities. “FOURElementsInvestements” will combine the contour trenching and water harvesting technique to regenerate arid lands, and in doing so create arable lands that can be utilised by communities to set up businesses including dairy and beef farming, fodder production, energy and water supply and wildlife tourism. “FOURElementsInvestements” aims to establish these businesses within local communities in conjunction with third party service providers. The first project implemented by “FOURElementsInvestements” is in Kenya.

(B) Research and Publications (developing knowledge)

·       Publish a report summarising Peter Westerveld’s contour trenching techniques including: (i) a detailed summary of the main issues that can be addressed by implementing contour trenching with scientific support; and (ii) a particular focus on how to implement contour trenching by analysing the three elements of climate engineering, landscape design and contour trenching.

·       Publish strategic findings on climate-engineered reforestation and contour trenching.

(C) Consultation

·       Consulting (by invitation) on Peter Westerveld’s vision and practical approach.

(D) Funding and Donations

·       Encourage public funding for new project development and research into contour trenching and/or wider regreening initiatives.

·       Foster and further develop the relationship with donors such as VOMM (Association for Development and Cooperation Muiden and Muiderberg) and support the VOMM’s annual community initiative, “Walking for Water”.

(E) Good Governance

·       Ensuring that the WCT mission statement is applied in process.