Peter Westerveld is Founder of the Westerveld Conservation Trust.

He was born and raised in Tanzania as son of a Dutch tropical agricultural engineer.  Being a child he witnessed and understood the effects of deforestation and developed an everlasting friendship and understanding with the people living there. 


From 1985 onwards, he studied the dynamics of economic activity, climate change and drought, and developed a process to reverse the situation in an integrated way.

From 1997 onwards, Peter Westerveld dedicated his life to this challenge, and started the Westerveld Conservation Trust.

He did a number of study projects with leading universities (a.o. in Kenya, Indonesia, and Burkina Faso); and implemented the technology in projects in Kenya, Vietnam, and Mali). The technology has shown to be effective in restoring the small water cycle in small areas, although more research is needed to understand its working.

Having worked together with the Masaï for many years now, Peter was called the “white Masai”. Without his long presence in the field, his fluency in local languages and his close cooperation with local partners, projects like "the corridor" could not exist.

Peter Westerveld passed away on August 30, 2014 in Muiden, Netherlands.

His family keeps his vision and his work alive in the Westerveld Conservation Trust.